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LED Decorative Floor Lamp: A Dazzling Silhouette!

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LED decorative floor lamp: A dazzling silhouette!

Marriage of the antique and the modern, It is a floor lamp with an exceptional design, ideal for creating original and elegant lighting atmospheres for your outdoor receptions.

The Italian designers of sign an inimitable outdoor lighting, brilliantly combining two great eras of Italian art.
MYYOUR Pénélope Light floor lamp, RGB LED

The design of the face of this luminous silhouette is indeed directly inspired by Etruscan art with its enigmatic smile as well as its fine and pure features while its slender stature pays homage to the sculptures of Giacometti.

The general appearance and posture of it evoke fashion designs from the 1930s, which brings fantasy and lightness to the whole.

MYYOUR Pénélope Light floor lamp, RGB LED
The elegance of this luminous silhouette of 2.10 meters in height, the fruit of this unexpected yet successful marriage, will undoubtedly arouse astonishment and fascination.

With an RGB LED bulb lighting system (included) adjustable with its remote control and powered by a 3-meter cable, this luminous statue will illuminate your room or your outdoor space for any type of occasion.
MYYOUR Pénélope Light floor lamp, RGB LED

Feature of Penelope light statue:


- Height: 110 cm/210 cm

- Width: 48 cm

- Weight: 14.5 kg
MYYOUR Pénélope Light floor lamp, RGB LED
Accessories :
Designate: Moredesign
Universe:Festive, Led / Luminous
Our Favorite: The Quality Of MyYour Products
Advice And Advice From Our Specialist: Ideal For Small Rooms, Modular According To Your Needs And Desire. Moderately Difficult Assembly. To Go Up To Two.
Place Of Use: Exterior, Interior
Room / Space: Garden
Type Of Product: Statue, Sculpture
Color Family: White And Blue
Material (S): Polyethylene
Characteristics: Liftable
Accessories: Color Change By Remote Control
Use Of The Luminaire: Floor Lamp
Bulb Type: RGB LED Lamp
Blace Of Manufacture: European Manufacturing
Manufacturing Country: Italian Manufacturing
Product Warranty: Manufacturer's Warranty